comScore numbers are in and Android retains its title

comScore, a market research firm, released its November 2011 report on how the mobile pie gets cut up in the US. The study polled 30,000 mobile subscribers and looked at relevant data from September through November. Google’s Android leads the pack with 46.9% of mobile subscribers.

Not all news was good news in the report however. RIM saw the biggest negative drop and is now down to a measly 16.6% and Microsoft, even with their milestone achievement of 50,000 apps being deployed on their app market, saw a drop of half a percentage point settling at 5.2%. For those wondering about Apple, they are keeping their place in second going up 3 points to 28.7%.

In terms of manufacturers, it’s no big surprise that Samsung leads the pack with just over a quarter of all mobile subscribers using one of their devices. LG nips at their heels with 20.5%, but that’s down from 21.0% back in August. RIM sees the downward trend continue bringing up the rear of the pack with 6.5%.

via Slash Gear

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