Cowon Z2 personal media player finds its way into the FCC

There’s a bit of a mystery around this particular device, but what’s life without a little mystery, right? While we don’t know much about the brand-spanking-new personal media player coming down the pipe from manufacturer Cowon, the Z2 is looking to be a nice little device if we do say so ourselves. Sure, it’s only the back of the device, but you can bet our imagination is running rampant with what the front of that device looks like!

Will it be an all-touchscreen device? Or will there be physical buttons littering the front of it? And, here’s the biggest part of the mystery: will it run Android? Our bet is on that it will, whenever Cowon finally does decide to launch it. The company has released Android-based devices in the past, so we think this one will be, too. It will feature WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Other than that, we’re running thin on information.

via WirelessGoodness

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