Eric Schmidt Says Android Will Turn the Tables on iOS in 2012

Eric Schmidt sat down at Le Web in Paris to talk about Android, among other things. He made some bold statements regarding iOS to a crowd dominated by Apple gadgets. Schmidt declared that “Android is ahead of the iPhone now.” The crowd stared back in silence. Schmidt explained that in terms of unit volume, price, and vendors Android is beating the iPhone.

The problem is that apps are still being made for iOS first, and then later being ported to Android. Some popular apps like Instagram haven’t come to Android at all. Schmidt believes that this “iOS first” mentality will be reversed in the next 6 months. He had this to say about app developers choosing Android in the future.

Ultimately, application vendors are driven by volume, and volume is favored by the open approach Google is taking. There are so many manufacturers working to deliver Android phones globally. Whether you like Android or not, you will support that platform, and maybe you’ll even deliver it first.

Hopefully Mr. Schmidt is right with his predictions. It’s sad to see apps like Flipboard not coming to Android. If Schmidt is right then 2012 is going to be a good year for the little green guy.

via CNET

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