Facebook for Android set to get a big refresh sometime in the future

There’s no telling when this supposed update to the Facebook for Android app will be released, but word on the street has it planted as “soon.” This particular version is 1.8 release candidate, which means while it looks nice and refined, there’s no telling whether or not it will actually really look like this whenever it does finally launch. Though, we imagine that it’s probably pretty close to how the final release version will look.

You are apparently looking at codename “Katana,” which is a name that Facebook really likes to use, apparently. But, while the user interface has been streamlined and simplified a bit, it looks like the main differences come in the Search, Menu and Navigation functions. There will also reportedly be a brand new, stand-alone Places application, which you can see pictured above. With the recent purchase of Gowalla this move wouldn’t be that surprising, but it will be interesting to see how people accept this new app into their lives.

As soon as we learn more about the update, we’ll let you know.

via Engadget

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