Fake Siri lands in the Android Market

The Android Market isn’t a stranger to applications like this one. Unfortunately, there are a ton of “fake” applications out there. Or, such as this fake Siri app that has made its way to the Market, applications that are direct rip-offs of apps that are found in other digital application storefronts. Or even other apps in the Android Market. This fake Siri app is no different, and here’s a word of caution: it doesn’t work like you’d expect, and it has access to a bunch of information on your phone.

As anyone knows with an Android phone, looking at the permissions any application has before you install it is crucial. There are some apps out there that don’t need to have access to certain areas of your phone. And, for an app like this Fake Siri “clone,” we believe it falls right in there. To be specific, the Fake Siri app doesn’t work like Siri does on the iPhone 4S. Instead, the application just activates Google Voice Actions, which you can already turn on without the app easily enough. The trouble comes in with the application’s permissions.

For an app that only turns on Voice Actions, it has access to: full Internet access, your location, the ability to read your contact data, and modify your storage. At the time of this writing there doesn’t seem to be any reports of nefarious actions happening due to the app, but staying attentive never hurts.

via Ubergizmo

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