FCC steps in to investigate Verizon’s “convenience fee”

We reported that Verizon Wireless confirmed this week that they would be leveraging a $2 convenience charge for one-time payments. Ironic that we’re being charged a convience fee that is decidedly inconvenient. Yeah, we know, its ridiculous. So now, we need to pay a fee to pay our bills. Well, try to pretend not to be shocked but the FCC has decided to investigate the issue further. It had to happen.

Most news associated with the FCC is either neutral or bad, but it looks like the giant regulatory body is going to take the fight to Verizon for consumers in the States. We’ll have to wait and see if this changes anything, but for now, we can hope that the FCC will put Verizon in the proverbial corner for a time out.

via New York Times

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