Firefox 9.0 updated and available for Android

If you’re a fan of Mozilla’s Firefox web Browser, then you probably have it downloaded on your phone. If you’re someone who’s been using the Browser as your mainstay go-to service to finding your way on the World Wide Web, then you’ll be happy to know the software has finally been updated to version 9.0 and it is available now in the Android Market.

The 9.0 update is intended specifically for tablet devices, as it is geared for improving the interface to better suit those larger displays. It isn’t a huge update for smartphone owners out there, but there’s never a reason not to be on the latest version, right? As long as it doesn’t break your phone, anyway. There are some other improvements under the hood intended for developers, so if you fall into that category, the update is waiting for you. Or you can follow the Market source link below to find it for the first time.

via EuroDroid; Android Market

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