FreeConference Mobile App launches into the Market

For the better part of the last two decades, companies like Palm and RIM dominated the business sector with regard to mobile devices. With the birth of the new age of smartphones, companies like Apple and Google are hoping to occupy the market that RIM once dominated. Luckily, developers are churning out more and more business-centric applications and with the latest build of Android about to drop with better security, it seems like Android is slowly turning into a serious business medium. To add to the slowly-growing, business-focused app pool, has released its Android application today for all you 9-to-5-in-shirt-n-tie folks’ teleconferencing needs.

For those not familiar with the service, allows users to register on their site and gives them a free conference number they can dial into to conduct telephone conferences with as many people they want. For those wishing to upgrade to a premium subscription, features like call recording and toll free conference numbers are an option. For those wanting to test the waters a bit, download the app and sign up. The application allows for scheduling conferences, organizing meetings, and sending invites right from your Android device.

via MarketWatch

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