Galaxy Nexus designers talk about their inspirations

With the coming of the Galaxy Nexus the community has been a buzz with all the goodies that ICS had to offer. It helped that the phone looked like it came straight out of a James Bond movie (from the Brosnan age of course). Well, the designers that headed up the project when the Galaxy Nexus was but a gleam in someone’s eye (TaeJoong Kim and GiYoung Lee) spoke about their inspirations for designing the phone that has taken the industry by storm.

So where did this intrepid pair get the inspiration for the sleek handset? Probably not from anywhere you would guess. Ready for it? A falling magnolia petal. That’s right. In any case, the design itself,  especially the curved profile was inspired by the Earth’s oldest piece of flair, the flower. The designers also applauded the efforts of the hardware team. Their ability to move, place, and integrate various hardware components into the slim shell also made their design “organic” and “natural”. In any case, the community has spoken and they love the Galaxy Nexus. A big thank you and a pat on the back for our pair of Samsung designers. Here’s to hoping that their next project is just as successful.

via Samsung Blog

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