Google+ check-in offers right on your Android device

Google recently announced that Google+ would support check-ins like other popular location-based social networks and directory apps (i.e. Facebook, Yelp, etc.). Today, Google released a check-in based feature with Google Places. Essentially, it’s like a Groupon and Yelp check-in all rolled up into one package. You get somewhere, check-in and then see what offers are available.

Business side maintenance is a snap. Google Places lets business owners enter information about their companies which turns up in Google searches. Owners can choose to only display offers once check-ins are completed or just offer discounts publicly. To keep everyone honest, Google promises to do the legwork and remove any offers that are fishy. Looks like services like Groupon have some stiff competition now, especially since Android smartphones comprise more than half the smartphone market.

via VentureBeat

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