Google+ Hangouts bridges hardware limitations to bring people closer together

Let’s take a second to talk about that big elephant in the room, Google+. Of course, we all know that Google+ has been getting heat for not providing nearly the encyclopedic list of features that the “other” social networking site has (Facebook of course), but can’t we talk about what it’s doing right for a second? In any case, for those that don’t know, Google+ has brought us Hangouts and really, it’s time to hang out for a bit.

The upgrade is significant. The app is feature-rich. The time to switch is now. Hangouts, for those that don’t know, is a way for you to share, in real time, your thoughts on any number of topics (posts) with people that are similarly motivated. Using the system is simple. Look at any Google+ post and click the “Hangout” link. Immediately, you’ll be able to leverage video and voice conferencing services with anyone else “hanging out” on that post. Yes, while Facebook and other social networking sites alike have video, messaging, and some even voice conferencing, no one does it big like Google does it big.

Google’s Hangouts is unique in that not only does it allow you to send and receive messages and video, it also lets you bridge any sort of hardware difficulties to bring landline and cellular users into the fold via voice communication. So no more will you be limited by the hardware at the other end of the line. Oh, did we mention that these services can be used on your Google+ Messenger app from your Android device? In any case, if you haven’t it’s definitely worth a look. Try it out and let us know what you think!

via Google Blog

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