Google Images gets a facelift on Android tablets

Google announced on its mobile blog that image search on Android tablets is undergoing some changes today. Adjustments have been made to UI settings with improvements like infinite scroll and a film strip mode, making the experience much more like a native desktop application as opposed to one on a mobile device. So without further ado, we will jump right into the changes.

The first and most obvious change you will notice upon doing an image search is the infinite scroll feature. No longer do you have to attempt to use your sausage-like fingers to click the minuscule numbers at the bottom of the webpage. Gallery view has also been updated to look like the ubiquitous “filmstrip” view. Information about the image now unobtrusively appears under each photo as you scroll through the search results. In any case, the new interface looks great! Try it out for yourself and let us know what you think!

via Android Community

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