Google to world: We couldn’t do anything about Carrier IQ

Amid the scandals shaking the mobile world these days there is Carrier IQ. If you’ve been keeping track of the battle that is unfolding you know that Carrier IQ is a “network performance” app that basically kept track of everything you were doing on your phone. Today, Eric Schmidt told the mobile community that there was really nothing that could have been done to stop Carrier IQ from releasing their software and subsequently, it being installed into over 140 million phones.

The nature of the issue is that of course, Google is an open platform. While Google doesn’t promote and/or support their work, that Android is an open platform means we need to be open to both the good and the bad. The nature of open source has always come with pros and cons and this is the perfect example. Carrier IQ has emphatically denied any wrongdoing or improper use of the data that is sampled and while the architecture of the Android OS allows them to operate within its ecosystem, obviously the community has spoken and we’re not happy.

via Android Community

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