Google Wallet hacked onto Verizon Samsung Galaxy Nexus

It didn’t take long for folks to get Google Wallet, Google’s NFC-based payment system, onto the HSPA+ version of the Galaxy Nexus by Samsung, and so we aren’t too surprised to read this morning that the service has also found its way onto the 4G LTE-based model, too. While there are some notes you should pay attention to here, before you go rooting and adding Google Wallet to your device, it’s good to know it’s at least possible.

First and foremost, hacking Google Wallet onto your Verizon-branded Galaxy Nexus will more than likely violate the Google Wallet terms of service. However, if you’re okay with rooting your phone and knowing the ToS will be violated, then at least it’s good to know it’s possible. Head on through the source link below to find out how to do it.

via BGR

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