Google welcomes Clever Sense into the family

Rumors are going around that Google is working on a Siri-esque voice command system. Now, no one can confirm or deny that statement officially but word on the street is at least one piece of that puzzle may have been acquired by Google yesterday.

The developer of Alfred, a personalized restaurant and bars recommendations app, was picked up for an undisclosed price by Google. The key to this whole thing is that Alfred operates on what the developer calls the “Serendipity Engine” that analyzes unstructured data (i.e. natural speech patterns) and learns about the user’s interests and preferences based on his interactions with various sources like Facebook, Twitter, and other Clever Sense apps.

Sounds like if Google is indeed working on a Siri competitor (which seems likely); then nabbing Clever Sense was the right move. Let’s not forget, Apple itself bought and refined the technology that Siri is currently built on by acquiring its developer. In any case, it will be exciting to see how this unfolds in the Android arena.

via Tech Crunch

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