Google’s App Inventor set to undergo change in management

Back in 2010, Google released a program called Google App Inventor. The idea was that even people without any programming knowledge could jump on a computer and build an app from scratch using a visually-driven programming language. The program used the Open Blocks Java library for this specific reason and worked to bring app creation to the masses.

The project, however, didn’t take off the way that we wanted it to. It never shed its “Beta” moniker and the product available today, was not the completion of the vision that birthed the program. Well, Google is about to let go of the reins. The search giant sent out an email to users reminding them that on the 31st of this month, will be shut down and deleted from Google servers. That’s the bad news.

While the project will not continue under the leadership of the Google team, the company announced that they infused funds into the Center for Mobile Learning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. What’s really great is that the Open Blocks Java library that the program is based on is distributed by MIT’s own Scheller Teacher Education Program (STEP) and is licensed by the Ivy league school. What that means for us is that they will continue work on the application and hopefully, realize the full potential of the platform.

In addition, they also announced that the code for the software would be released to the public so that opens the door for other developers to continue where Google left off. Google also announced that the App Inventor service would be re-launched and ready for public consumption, sometime in Q1 of 2012 and would support projects that have been started already. Just make sure you download your projects before the 31st or they’ll go the way of the dodo.

via TG Daily