Honeycomb only makes up 1% of all Android devices

Android Honeycomb, the OS that never really caught on. A new study has revealed that it only takes up 1% of all Android usage, with even Ice Cream Sandwich ahead of it. It’s not surprising that it takes up the smallest amount of Android usage, but by the fact that it’s only 1%. Considering that tablet makers are still churning out Honeycomb tablets, it shows that it’s mostly a lost market.

Gingerbread on the other hand is doing very well. It currently holds 67%, while its closest competitor Froyo sits at 28%. Followed by that is Cupcake and Donut, each holding 2%. Considering that everything is now switching to Ice Cream Sandwich, it should be interesting to see these charts again in a few months. Also take note that this may not be the most accurate representation, as this data was taken from a advertisement agency. That means that while it does give us a good idea, there are variables and it doesn’t count every device. Disappointed by how badly Honeycomb is doing? What OS version are you using? Let us know in the comments!

via BGR

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