HP Touchpad gets MIUI alpha love

Well the HP Touchpad’s path toward full membership in the Android club. With news of CyanogenMod 3.5 hitting the Touchpad scarcely hit the blogs and now, we get news that another favorite of the Android community, MIUI sends an alpha build to the HP Touchpad community. MIUI, for those that don’t know is a heavily skinned and modded ROM based on CyanogenMod.

Reports say that the build, though still an alpha, is pretty stable. Features like Audio, WiFi, Bluetooth, multitouch, charging, all sensors, headphone port, YouTube, and many MIUI themes are already working. Of course, credit goes largely to the CyanogenMod team, but yes, congratulations MIUI. Progress will undoubtedly be accelerated after the community was delivered the news that HP’s WebOS would go open source.

via Android Community

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