HP TouchPad gets MIUI beta

The HP TouchPad has seen some good Android development through Cyanogen Mod, but the developers at MIUI.us aren’t going to let them stand alone. HP’s dead tablet has received a MIUI port beta, creating another option for those who enjoy hacking and flashing ROMs. Most things appear to be working, excluding the on-screen menu, with a few various bugs. Also included is GO Launcher, alongside the standard MIUI Launcher2.

The ROM can be flashed through ClockworkMod, just like Cyanogen Mod. This means that everyone who already has the tablet set up for Cyanogen Mod will have no trouble with MIUI. After so many people bought the tablet when it went on a firesale earlier this year, it’s great to see all the development support it’s receiving. We still haven’t seen any Ice Cream Sandwich on it, but hopefully we will earlier next year. Grab the download at the RootzWiki source now. Who has a TouchPad and loves MIUI? Prefer the stock software or Cyanogen Mod? Let us know in the comments!

via Android Community; RootzWiki

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