HP Touchpad gets updated to CyanogenMod 3.5 alpha

Many people obtained (or at least tried to) a HP Touchpad when they were being let go for as little as $100. One of the driving factors was that the tablet would get an Android port, and that did eventually happen. The fourth alpha of the popular CyanogenMod ROM has been released for HP’s dead tablet, bringing some fixes and better performance.

The updates fixes include better 3D rendering, more compatibility with high-end games, improved video over streaming as well as local, and a Wi-Fi fix for better performance. It’s no Ice Cream Sandwich, but should hold many over until CM9 with Android 4.0 is released. Anyone interested can download the update at the RootzWiki source link. Remember that we are not responsible, and everything is at your own risk.

via Android Community; RootzWiki

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