HTC Desire shown running Ice Cream Sandwich

At one point HTC said that their previous flagship, the Desire, wouldn’t be capable of running Gingerbread. They later changed their statement and updated the phone, but took a few things out. It turns out that the phone is capable of running the latest Ice Cream Sandwich, further proving that the developer community can do almost anything with Android.

It isn’t the most smooth build ever, as there is no hardware acceleration to be heard of. USB storage and the camera aren’t working, so it isn’t the most capable either. Most of these bugs will most likely be smoothed out in the future, so hang tight. Considering the Nexus One won’t be getting Ice Cream Sandwich officially, this may prove the hardware is capable considering it has identical specs to the HTC Desire. Anyone with a Desire planning on trying Ice Cream Sandwich? Is it time to upgrade? Let us know in the comments!

via Phone Arena; XDA

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