HTC EVO View 4G gets Honeycomb update

Well, all you Sprint users who have a little HTC EVO View 4G, good news hits your sweet grubby fingers tonight. The EVO View 4G is going to be getting an update to Honeycomb complete with a “new virtual and holographic user interface”. If you’re thinking, FINALLY! You aren’t alone. The update was promised ages ago by mobile industry standards, but yes if you haven’t please head to your Settings and click that magic Check now option under HTC Software update. The 217 MB update is live and ready to rock your world.

As usual, not all news is good news. The small caveat is that once you install the update, your home screen settings are going to return to the default layout. It’s not bad per se, just annoying. In any case, let’s go through some of the other changes:

  • Physical button commands replaced with on-screen soft keys
  • Google search on every page
  • New system bar with access to notifications, status, and additional navigation buttons
  • An Action Bar with contextual menus that change with application
  • Enhanced security
  • Various fixes
So if you haven’t update and let us know how it works out for you below!

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