HTC Fireball for Verizon finds its way into the system

At this point in time, the HTC Fireball is a mystery. While it has managed to find its way into the Verizon system, there’s no official or unofficial word on this device quite yet. There maybe a hint in the device’s model number, but other than that the device is an unknown entity in the upcoming 4G-enabled phone list for Verizon.

Of course, that 4G LTE-connectivity is just a guess at this point, too. As the inventory screen points out, the device is listed as a 4G device, which has us obviously assuming that it is, indeed, an LTE-based handset. Perhaps the most noteworthy detail though comes in the model number, which is ADR6410. For those keen on the model numbers, that comes between the recently launched HTC Rezound (ADR6425) and the HTC ThunderBolt (ADR6400). Does that mean we’re looking at a device that Verizon and HTC believe falls somewhere between these two handsets? Maybe. At this point it’s anyone’s guess.

Stay tuned.

via Droid-Life

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