HTC Flyer in Europe reportedly seeing Honeycomb update

We aren’t all that surprised to find out that the Honeycomb-based update to the HTC Flyer is starting to see its way to the tablet, but we are kind of surprised to hear where the update is landing. According to a new report, owners of the HTC Sense-fused tablet in Holland and France are starting to see the update to Honeycomb.

Maybe it isn’t surprise, but jealousy. In any event, these owners are reporting that the update brings the software version to 3.55.405.1, and the download measures in at 210MB. There’s no word on when this update will find its way to the US-based HTC Flyers out there, or any other international market for that matter. But we can certainly hope that the update finds its way to the majority, if not all of the tablets out there before the New Year.

via SlashGear

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