HTC Incredible S and Desire HD getting upgraded to Sense 3.0

Perhaps not completely unexpected, but still a shock nonetheless, HTC has officially announced that the late HTC Incredible S and Desire HD will be getting a software upgrade to officially run Sense 3.0. While it may not be the latest and greatest when it comes to the Sense user interface, there’s no doubt that many folks running previously released HTC-branded devices would love to get their hands on the official version of Sense 3.0.

However, we feel pretty confident in labeling this one of those “good news, bad news” situations. The good news is that these two particular devices will be getting the update, but the bad news is that HTC hasn’t made any mention of any other devices getting the upgrade. The update to Sense 3.0 is made specifically for the devices running in the UK, and carriers who offer the devices will begin rolling out the update beginning today. Here’s the official statement from HTC:

“The HTC Desire HD and HTC Incredible S just learned some great new tricks. Share what’s on your mind and take that great shot even faster with Sense 3.0′s lock screen shortcuts. Rolling out to handsets across the UK starting today.”

So there you have it. If you happen to have either one of these devices, let us know when you get the upgrade and tell us what you think of it.

via The Inquirer

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