HTC Super Tool makes short work of unlocking a growing list of devices

While HTC is trying to be as comfortable with the development community that have their phones, the company seems hindered slightly by the amount of devices they have released, along with the different carriers they have released them for. The company’s official bootloader unlocking tool has been a hit for the most part, but there are still a large number of devices missing from the software’s scope of functionality.

And that’s where the development community comes in. A user over at the XDA forums named ‘frigid’ has released the HTC Super Tool, which brings an unlocked bootloader to a growing list of devices. So far it has worked on the entire EVO line-up from Sprint, as well as the T-Mobile G2 by HTC, the HTC Sensation and several of the handsets within the myTouch line-up.

Here’s an interesting addition to the Super Tool, though: it has the means to remove several elements of HTC’s Sense UI, and actually remove the carrier and manufacturer proprietary elements, putting the end result at a more “vanilla” Android experience. That right there is probably more than enough to get people to support the Super Tool. Head on through the source link to find out more.

via XDA; The Verge

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