Intel processors capable of running Android 4.0, may be announced next year

Rumors are now pointing to the release of Intel processors for Android 4.0 phones, to be announced early next year. Code named “Medfield”, they may be announced as early as the soon approaching CES, and would be the first time Intel steps into the smartphone game. The first manufacturer may be Samsung, and it makes sense. They’ve used processors from just about every semiconductor company in the industry.

As far as performance, it’s looking really good. Early benchmarks are said to beat out the top two current Android phones, in both sheer performance and graphics. Not everything is perfect though, as battery performance is said to lose to the other two devices. Intel is said to have Android running on their new processors since the day after Ice Cream Sandwich’s source code was released, and does claim that it will take more software optimization to be fully productive. Lastly, Sprint is said to be one of the first carriers of the phones to come, with more hopefully hoping on within the next year. Are you excited about x86-based processors in your phone? Or would you rather get better battery performance? Let us know in the comments!

via Android and Me

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