Intel releases reference design for new Android phone

ARM has been the dominant force in the mobile industry mainly because most of the phones we’re seeing are based on ARM processors. Well, Intel had something to say about that and it looks like we’ll be hearing a lot more from the processor manufacturer come 2012. The latest word from the computing giant is that their new SoC (Intel Medfield) is the newest chip in the Atom line of processors is indeed their first successful system on chip design.

Previously, processors by Intel harnessed multiple cores to spread out processing which was great for data crunching but bad on battery life. This was one of the main reasons that ARM was so successful with their low power SoCs. In any case, Intel has released a reference design that’s going out to manufacturers. Word is that the design above looks surprisingly similar to the iPhone but is lighter (mainly due to materials used in production). We all know that competition is good so here’s to hoping that this competition yields some great new options for processors for the Android community.

via Technology Review