Is Blind Type behind Ice Cream Sandwiches new keyboard?

You probably remember Blind Type. A while ago they showed off a video of their keyboard technology which was said to be so good you could type blind. Soon after the video Blind Type was snatched up by Google, and naturally we all hoped that meant we would see Blind Type in Android. Although Google never mentioned Blind Type when showing off the new ICS keyboard, it appears they may have sneaked it in.

Personally I’ve been using the ICS keyboard for a couple weeks now, and I have noticed it’s extremely good at predicting words and correcting mistakes. Much better than any other keyboard I’ve used, but I never gave it much thought after that. Droid-Life has deduced that the improved keyboard could be from Blind Type. Below is a video showing how fast, yet accurate, the ICS keyboard can be. Is it Blind Type? You be the judge.

via Droid-Life

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