ITC rules that Motorola infringed on Microsoft patent

Everyone is looking to get a little cash from patent disputes in the mobile market these days, and Microsoft is one of the few successful. An ITC judge has just ruled that Motorola has violated one of Microsoft’s patents in one of the many legal disputes. While the patent is unknown, the case will now be handed to the commission itself for final review to determine whether or not Motorola’s products will be banned.

The case originally started with a claim by Microsoft that Motorola had violated 9 of its patents. That soon moved down to just one, and the case is now headed into its next stage. With all the legal battles happening, Android has been taking some hard hits. Countries around the world are getting devices banned, and it doesn’t look like it will be ending soon. Do you think all the legal battles are worth it? Or just competitors failing to compete? Let us know in the comments!

via PhoneDog; AllThingsD

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