JXD S7100 Android-powered tablet breaks cover, looks familiar

Tablets have one market to fill on paper, and yet people expect them to fill plenty of other niche markets at the same time. For instance, while a tablet may be purchased for watching movies or television shows, it’s also probably going to be used to play video games, too. JXD knows this quite well, and that’s why they’ve unveiled their first tablet device, the S7100. It’s meant to go right after the gaming market by taking a few cues from portable gaming machines like Sony’s PlayStation Portable (PSP).

The S7100 is a 7-inch touchscreen tablet powered by Android, with a screen resolution of 800×480. The S7100 tablet from JXD will launch with Android 2.2 under the hood, and will feature a customized proprietary user interface on top of that. We wouldn’t imagine that any upgrades to the software should be expected after launch, especially considering the device is launching with Android 2.2 under the hood.

You can head through the source link below to watch a Chinese video about the new tablet. As far as specifications go, you’re looking at a 7-inch tablet with an ARM Cortex-A9 dual-core processor under the hood, with only 512MB of RAM. There’s a 2MP rear-facing camera and a 0.3MP front-facings shooter. There is 16GB of internal storage, though. The price tag in some parts is looking at only $140, so, take that into consideration.

via Electronista; The Gadgeteer

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