Kindle devices selling over 1 million units a week throughout December

All the doubters and non-believers beware, Amazon is here to stay and the Kindle line is their anchor. This morning Amazon reported the best holiday sales season ever. Throughout the month of December, the internet retailer pushed well over a million Kindle devices a week. For those that can count, there’s 4 full weeks in December. You may now say, WOW! What’s amazing is that Kindle sales weren’t just strong in the US, they were global. This figure includes sales from their, .de, .fr, .es, and Amazonit sportals. The Kindle Fire has been the best-selling product out of all of Amazon’s offerings still tops their charts and it was released 13 weeks ago.

Not surprisingly, authors of ebooks also had a great holiday sales season. Stats show that gifting of ebooks rose by 175 percent compared to last year. Ready for another gem? Amazon stated that their best selling book and number 4 on their bestsellers list of 2011 were published independently from Kindle Direct Publishing (the retailer’s portal for independent publishing of books). Give credit where credit is due, we always say, and Amazon deserves a gold star for their performance this year. Congrats Amazon! We look forward to all you’ll do in 2012.

via CNet

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