Kindle Fire Utility rounds up all your Kindle Fire hacks for your convenience

The Kindle Fire has, well, been on fire lately. Development surrounding the tablet has been set ablaze, probably by the widespread adoption of the tablet that Amazon built. Unfortunately, it is a pain. A pain to repair, a pain to reset, even a pain to update at times. Well, all that is a thing of the past. Developer Vashypooh on XDA Devs has released a Windows utility called the Kindle Fire Utility (Vashy didn’t need any extra points for creativity).

KFU brings capabilities like changing the boot mode, repairing permissions, performing a factory reset, pulling updates from Amazon, replacing the framework, and installing an alternate recovery. The KFU is a piece of software that leverages functionality and understated minimalism. Updates are promised regularly to bring new functionality and tweaks. So all you Kindle Fire meddlers, visit XDA Devs and check out the Kindle Fire Utility today!

via Android and Me

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