Kindle Touch jailbreak via MP3

Rooting/jailbreaking. Probably the hottest topic when it comes to Android or iOS devices. Well, let’s add another one to the list. Developer Yifan Lu brings the community a jailbreak that is pretty innovative and certainly is a unique approach that has yet to be exploited. Lu used the knowledge that the Kindle Touch software is mainly just a bunch of HTML5 code and javascript webpages strung together. So of course, he realized that rooting such a device would be easier than, for instance, playing an MP3.

Well, Lu did in fact root his device and ironically, used an MP3 to do it. Lu exploited a function in the browser titled nativeBridge.dbgCMD(), which as we’re told, allows the execution of any shell command as root. What? Amazon’s devs go back to the drawing board on that one… Meanwhile, Lu cleverly crafted a crack that stuffs a bunch of HTML and JavaScript into the ID3 tags of an MP3 and BOOM! The root took and now his Kindle is free from its shackles. Now nothing else has been done but of course, Lu is anxiously waiting for devs to leverage this new procedure to open up the Kindle Touch to all sorts of customized goodies.

via Engadget

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