Logitech Revue units hindered by corrupted firmware

Over the holidays, it looks like recipients of the Logitech Revue with Google TV didn’t get all that they hoped for. New owners of the device have been reporting that their new Google TV-equipped piece of hardware has some corrupted firmware on it, which is causing the device to halt during the set-up process. This is resulting in some large paper weights, and owner’s inability to use their brand new Google TV software.

According to reports, owners are finding the trouble around step 7 of the set-up process. During this step, the software is trying to connect to the servers to obtain the EULA. According to Senior Product Manager Peter McColgan, here’s what the situation is:

“There appears to be corrupted firmware on some of the recently manufactured Revues which is causing the Authentication error. There is nothing that you can do to fix this and nothing we can do except to replace your Revue via the RMA process. You always have the option of returning to the retailer and exchanging for another Revue or getting a refund. We believe that only a relatively small % of recently manufactured Revues are affected.”

It should be an easy fix, especially if it really is a small percentage of owners that have experienced the issue. Hopefully Logitech can get the updated software out soon, so the owners can finally get to use their device.

via GTVSource

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