magnetU: social networking peripheral

For all you social networking buffs that were looking for something to spend money on, magnetU might be your answer. The small iPod-nano-sized device uses a GPS antenna and your smartphone to help you find people with similar interests around you, a real-world social network if you will. It works on proximity so meeting new people simply means walking to a new area and seeing who pops up on your Android device.

The magnetU will launch “in the coming weeks” in select cities and on select college campuses. Each device will retail for $23.97 and of course will come with cool points that should put you in the “in” crowd. Of course, if no one buys this novelty then you will have two things: 1) a social networking device that can’t socially network because there are no users, and 2) a device that makes you look like an uber-nerd which is traditionally “not cool”. In any case, if you’re interested, the wait will not be long.\

via SlashGear

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