McAfee releases their predictions for 2012

McAfee labs, long time PC-protection specialist, has released a document with their predictions for software and platform security for 2012. The news is not good. It looks like in the new year, McAfee is predicting that there will be an ever-increasing number of attacks on individuals in addition to industrial attacks (i.e. suppliers of utilities).

Even worse news is that attacks will shift from the PC to the mobile space meaning Android OS will be one of several mobile OSes that are targeted by hackers. In addition, cyberwarfare will be another front that gets more headlines. Incidents like China’s “accidental” routing of web traffic will probably crop up again. The good news is that not all hacking is bad as we know with our own community’s work on custom ROMs and busting phones for root access. McAfee predicts that we’ll be seeing more hacks and mods especially on mobile devices. So at least, that’s something to look forward to.

via Android Guys

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