Meizu MX to launch 01/01/2012

The dual-core procession keeps getting longer. Joining the line with a sleek two-tone design is the Meizu MX. The dual-core (Samsung Exynos 4210 1.4GHz), noise cancelling, 4-inch display-totin’ smartphone hits mainland China starting at ¥2,999 ($470). Other notable specifications: 1GB of LPDDR2 RAM, pentaband 3G with HSPA+, and support for FLAC for all those audiophiles on that side of the Pacific. That’s not all folks! The MX ships with 16GB of internal storage (32GB to come at a later date) and a microUSB port that supports S/PDIF digital output, acts as a USB host, and MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link).

The phone, unfortunately, will be shipping with the Gingerbread iteration of the Android OS and not the newest flavor, Ice Cream Sandwich. Luckily for our Chinese counterparts CEO Jack Wong has promised a full update to 4.0. Another bit of news that came out of Meizu is that the MX will be reborn later in the year as a quad-core phone which is something that everyone will be looking forward to. No timing on that yet but with manufacturers really biting at the bit so to speak, the quad-core iteration is probably not that far out.

via Engadget

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