MIPS Technologies’ NOVO7: Ice Cream Sandwich for $100

There has been a lot of buzz surrounding the impending release of Ice Cream Sandwich. For those keeping count, ICS is the 4th iteration of the Android OS and arguably the OS that has generated the most hype. Unfortunately, the offerings for which there have been official word as to specs, release date, and all that jazz, have not been wallet-friendly. Thankfully, that is not a problem we will have to live with for too long. Chinese manufacturer MIPS Technologies has just announced that they will be releasing their first ICS offering for the door-busting price of $99 USD.

The NOVO7 is a basic 7-inch tablet that sports a 1GHz processor in conjunction with a 444Mhz GPU. It sports a 2MP rear camera and a front-facing camera which, we can only assume will have a lower resolution. Even though it is a “bargain” tab, unlike others, this one ships with a capacitive touch screen. An interesting feature of note is that the manufacturer is making much ado about the tablet’s ability to sip power at a rate less than 400mA during web browsing with a 30-hour standby time.

via Android Community

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