MIPS Technologies brings Android 4.0.3 to their processors

On the 16th of December, Google released the source code for Android 4.0 and within 24 hours, MIPS had been able to release a full update for tablets that are based on the MIPS architecture. Today, the company made the source code for 4.0.3 that has been altered for compatibility with MIPS architecture on their developer portal. The speed with which this all happened isn’t too surprising considering that the open source release of 4.0.3 from Google contained support for MIPS’ LLVM technology. Still, it’s great news.

While 4.0.3 is not set to update over the air until after the first of next year for consumers, MIPS has announced that tablets shipping in the same time frame will make the journey to consumer hands with Ice Cream Sandwich in tow. So with all the delays in the release of the Transformer Prime, it looks like the ICS device that will hit first may indeed be the NOVO7 which is, at the time of writing, is sold out. In any case, those interested please click the link provided above to get more info.

via  Market Watch

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