MIUI Lockscreen comes to Android Market in app form

Well all you Android users out there that were hankering for a way to get MIUI’s lockscreen on your phones, today your wait ends. For those that don’t know, MIUI is a custom ROM for your Android device much like the community favorite, Cyanogen. While MIUI doesn’t have as much of a following, critics and users alike applaud many of the interface’s features. One almost universally enjoyed feature is the lockscreen.

Now everyone that has an Android device knows the various flavors of lockscreen available. Some come on UI’s developed by manufacturers like HTC, Motorola, and others of the like. Well leave those traditional rags aside and download the MiLocker app from the Market. Now your phone will be able to display custom lockscreens with animations. Picture Optimus Prime greeting you and transforming into your homescreen as you swipe your finger. Well, if that sounds appealing to you, install it and tell us what you think!

via Phandroid

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