Modern Combat 3 hits Market

All you Android gamers out there know that Gameloft is one of the premium developers, if not merely prolific. Luckily, the don’t rest on their laurels and have finally released the third iteration of their popular Modern Combat game. The premise of the story is that North Korea, Pakistan, and Russia have joined forces to attack the United States. Of course, it’ll fall on you (Corporal James Walker) to stop this unjust war.

The game includes 13 solo missions with locations from LA to Pakistan in addition to multiplayer like so many other first-person combat shooters available across the plethora of systems we have at our disposal. Expanded multiplayer features also include cross-platform battles with games up to 12 players, 6 maps, and 6 different modes. It is available on the Market for $6.99 so for all you people out there that need an FPS fix, looks like your hit is ready.

via Android and Me

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