MOTOACTV software update announced by Motorola

Our favorite wearable peripheral the MOTOACTV is all set to get an update. The watch-like device is adding more features and tweaking performance to ensure that your MOTOACTV stays useful. The fitness tracker’s update which has been announced and classified as “coming soon” delivers performance enhancements, more customization options, and several features.

Here’s how this all breaks down:

  • Performance playlists 
  • Better battery life (Several new battery-saver modes have been added to the settings menu: Normal, Extended, and Marathon Mode which delivers 8 hours of continuous use)
  • New clock faces
  • Timer / Stopwatch
  • Heartrate monitor

Hopefully the update comes shortly and we’re able to test drive the features and see how the overall experience has improved. If you would like more details, go ahead and click through to the source link to watch a video overview of the impending release.

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