Motorola could be forced to change the way we view photos in the Gallery

Over the years, and through the evolution of the Android operating system, the way we view photos within the Gallery application has changed drastically. And as we’ve seen more and more proprietary user interfaces out there, the experience has changed just that much more. But, according to a new report coming from FOSS Patents‘ Florian Mueller, it looks like Motorola may be forced to change the way we interact and view our photos in the future.

According to Mueller, a German court has made note of a possible violation of another Apple patent. This one is directly connected to the Android photo Gallery, and it was brought up within the latest batch of lawsuits between Motorola and Apple. Meuller says that the court seems certain in the validity of the patent that Apple holds, and that the Android gallery does indeed infringe upon it. Specifically, in the Gallery’s “zoom-in” mode, and possibly the Gallery’s “zoom-out” mode.

The ruling is expected to land in February in the Munich I Regional Court, but Mueller imagines that Motorola is not all that frightened about losing this case. A simple fix is more than likely a possibility. We’ll have to wait and see how this one turns out.

via FOSS Patents

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