Motorola Droid RAZR gets fastboot files for speedy stock recovery

Are you a Droid RAZR user? Have you been sad because you bricked your phone fiddling with the software? Well, we’ve got some great news for you today! It looks like the Android developer community has once again come through in a clutch situation. Verizon USA’s fastboot files for the paper-thin phone have fallen into the grubby hands of some devs who promptly released the beast on XDA.

The file itself is over 1GB in size. It isn’t a one touch solution so if you don’t feel comfortable with using your PC and your RAZR at the same time, this probably isn’t for you. Time to make friends with an uber geek! In any case, the files bring your RAZR back to stock configuration meaning that you can risk so much more when fiddling with your RAZR in the future. HAH! The only caveat is that since this is a full restore fastboot, you will lose any root access and any files stored on the phone. If that all sounds gravy, head to XDA and grab the files!

via Android Police

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