Motorola Droid X gets partially working ICS port based on CyanogenMod 9

One of the most frustrating things about being a part of the Android community is how fast phones seemingly become obsolete. It seems like a month or two after a phone’s release, there is an announcement that it is not going to be supported in the future. That means no system updates. Well, thankfully we are part of a large, very supportive community.

Thanks to firstEncounter over at RootzWiki has released EncounterICS, an ICS custom ROM based on the community’s perennial favorite, CyanogenMod. Of course, the CyanogenMod team is hard at work on porting ICS to various devices, but the work they’ve done so far has helped firstEncounter bring a vanilla ICS experience to the Droid X. Though it is not complete by any means, it is stable, smooth, and reliable. So, what’s the catch? Like other early builds, there are items that are not working:

    • Camera
    • Voice input (excluding calls)
    • MMS (text messages that include file attachments)
    • Speakerphone (media & music still work through speakers)
    • Data usage limiter
    • more?

In any case, if you want more information, feel free to click the RootzWiki link above. You can also head over to the site to download the ROM and test it out for yourself. Let us know what you think!

via Droid Life

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