Motorola DROID Xyboard 10.1 and 8.2 for Verizon now available

Well, that was unexpected. We had heard once before that the DROID Xyboards, in both variations, would be out on December 12th, but it doesn’t look like that panned out at all. And we could probably talk about whether or not a certain Samsung Galaxy Nexus was put on hold because these particular DROID tablets were releasing. But, we’ll save that for another discussion.

In any event! If you were excited about the Xyboard tablets, here’s your chance to finally get one. As we discussed in the announcements, the devices are pretty straight forward in pricing. You can get your hands on the 8.2-inch model starting at $429.99 with 16GB of storage. The $529.99 price tag starts for the 10.1-inch version, with 16GB of storage.

Go ahead and head through the source link if you want to check them out for yourself. Keep in mind that these tablets are only available online for now, and will be available to purchase in the store on December 12th.

via Verizon

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