Motorola MotoACTV fitness watch rooted, now does more than ever before

Motorola’s MotoACTV fitness watch, an accessory that you either love or hate, has a bit more functionality now-a-days. As we were all perfectly aware, the MotoACTV is an Android-powered fitness watch, which means that the development community out there was obviously going to take a crack at it. And, now that they have, we can officially say the device is rooted, and ready to do just a bit more than what Motorola had originally planned out of the box.

You can see in the video below just what happens when the MotoACTV gets rooted. Instead of featuring Motorola’s custom fitness interface, you now have the stock Honeycomb launcher, Google Maps, YouTube and the Android Market. Go ahead and head through the CMW source link below to get the gritty details, and see if rooting the Motorola MotoACTV is what you want to do.

via Engadget; CMW

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