Motorola RAZR for Fido landing in the next few days according to leaked image

Yesterday we learned that the Motorola RAZR would be landing on Fido’s network sometime soon. While an exact release date wasn’t known, the standard guess was that the thin device would be making its appearance in the first quarter of 2012. That was too generous of a guess, it seems, as Fido apparently wants this device to land around the holiday season, and not in the early part of next year.

A leaked image suggests that Fido representatives are already undergoing the training for the device. More to the point, though, it says that the device will be coming “in the next few days,” which tells us that the device will be landing before the start of 2012. Take this with a grain of salt if you’re under Fido’s wing, though, as we wait for an official announcement. Or, perhaps more accurately, the device being able to purchase on Fido’s website.

via Mobilesyrup

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