Motorola to focus on concept of modality and content accessibility

Motorola’s lapdocks are some of the most unique ways to interact with a phone to date. While other companies have the same idea when it comes to tablets, attaching your phone to a keyboard and using it in a realistic fashion hasn’t really been picked up by the other manufacturers out there. So it should come as no surprise that Motorola will focus on this modality moving forward, even if it manages to take different forms.

AllThingsD has posted an interesting interview with Motorola’s Corporate Vice President and new General Manager for Mobile Devices, Christy Wyatt. We suggest you head through the source link below and take the whole interview in, as it’s an interesting look at where Motorola is focusing, and where they are headed. The points we took away from it focus on the way that Motorola is focusing on the way that we access and utilize our smartphones, and how Motorola is focusing on that modality more than anything else. Here are some key quotes from the article itself:

“The first is modality. You saw us earlier in the year launch our first Webtop platform with the lap dock. This is really the conceptt that your phone is really enough for you 80 or 90 percent, but sometimes — if you are writing a long article, for example — you are going to want a keyboard. That doesn’t mean you want a different device. You might want a different way of accessing the device you are already using.”


“I think it was a very bold move for us to introduce this concept of modality and really shoot for this device, this processor, this connection being the primary connection in your life. I do think you are going to see us continue to go down that path. That can take many forms.
You are going to start to see individuals use multiple screens and using similar connections and similar experiences across multiple screens.”

We are very interested to see where Motorola take this new focus. While the lapdocks are very interesting, they haven’t been the hottest sellers on the market, even with price drops for certain (new) models. However, if Motorola can continue to focus on everything they want to, especially with new ways of interaction and keeping us connected to the things we love the most, then it is possible that these devices of modality get picked up and used more often.

CES 2012 should be a fun show for Motorola, to say the least.

via AllThingsD

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